V12 Blue Ice After Shave

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Premium Automotive Lifestyle:

V12Lifestyle classic alcohol aftershave with vitamin E will wake up your face and cleanse your skin to prevent in-grown hairs and other blemishes. Made with Menthol to give you a fresh scent after your perfect shave. Vitamin E helps prevent wrinkles and adds protection from the sun and other damaging free radicals. Vitamin E helps soothe razor burn which means with this after shave as part of your mens shaving kit you won’t be left with red soreness on your face. We use Special Denatured Alcohol 40B as the cleansing agent in our aftershave which cleans and kills any bacteria, helping to prevent acne and ingrown hairs. This aftershave will leave you with a cool crisp feeling that will make you feel fresh, clean, and ready for your day.

Definitely works best when used after V12Lifestyle PreShave oil and V12Lifestyle Shaving Cream.


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