Tuf Shine Tire Shine Kit

Tuf Shine Tire Shine Kit

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Tuf Shine Tire Shine Kit

Tuf Shine Tire Shine Kit


Tuf Shine Tire Shine Kit


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 Kit includes:

  • one 6 oz bottle of TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat
  • one 22 oz bottle of ready to use Tire Cleaner
  • one Applicator Sponge.
  • one Tire Brush
  • one set of Nitrile Gloves


NOTE: TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat, WILL NOT stick to silicone. TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner is specially formulated to remove silicone dressings, road grime, and to prep tires prior to applying TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat

Competitive products are designed to lubricate the rubber. This lubrication washes off or evaporates over time. When this happens, protection is lost and it’s then necessary to repeatedly apply dressings to maintain the desired shine and protection. To maintain a “Wet” look with other product you have to constantly clean and apply dressings. Heavy-duty cleaners are required to remove the residue build-up left behind by most silicone-based dressings. Constant cleaning with harsh chemicals can remove factory lubricants that are built into the tire’s sidewalls and cause oxidation and dry cracks to appear. These same cleaners, when used regularly, can potentially ruin the finish on expensive wheels. TUF SHINE has taken a different approach, which is the opposite to that of our competitors.


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