+Soap Ceramic Spray

+Soap Ceramic Spray

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+Soap Ceramic Spray

+Soap Ceramic Spray


+Soap Ceramic Spray


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Ceramic Spray - Premium SiO2 Coating - 16oz

Get the benefits of a ceramic coating from a simple spray and wipe with Plus Soap Ceramic Spray. Ceramic Spray gives you a deep wet shine that doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to repelling water. Once applied, almost nothing can stick to your silky smooth paint for up to 6 months. Stay protected from road grime, fallout, acid rain and more. Car already coated? Not a problem! Lay down Ceramic Spray on top of existing ceramic coatings for a boost in protection and shine.

  • Concentrated
  • Fast Bonding SiO2
  • Spray on Wet or Dry Surface
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Intense Glow
  • One Bottle Lasts 4-6 Vehicles
Shake very well and continuously shake throughout process - Use on cool
surface in shaded area with proper lighting - Paint should be wax and solvent
free - Allow to cure for 24 hours after application. Heat and sunlight help speed
up cure process.
1) Submerge clean and soft microfiber towel into clean water. Wring out towel
thoroughly and fold over twice to make square.
2) Shake Ceramic Spray and lightly mist towel 1-3 sprays (depending on size of
panel) wipe 1 panel with towel in criss cross motion.
3) With a fresh soft and clean microfiber towel buff panel to a high gloss finish.
4) For next panel, flip damp (1st) towel to a fresh side and repeat steps 1-2.
Notes: Each towel should do 8 panels since there are 8 sides to each towel.
Do not use an already sprayed side of the towel. This may result in streaking.
Use a fresh side of each towel for each panel.

    Always test in inconspicuous area before application.


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