KlearTech Ceramic Coating Kit

KlearTech Ceramic Coating Kit

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KlearTech Ceramic Coating Kit

KlearTech Ceramic Coating Kit


KlearTech Ceramic Coating Kit


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The KlearTech Ceramic Coating provides long-term protection and an enhanced appearance to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Our Ceramic Coating will leave your paint smooth to the touch by creating a hydrophobic, slick, and glossy surface. 

  • Protects paint from Water Spotting, UV Rays, Chemical Stains & Contaminants
  • Ultra-Hydrophobic
  • Easily wipe away dirt, grime and other contaminants
  • Acts as a "sacrificial" layer that takes the beating of daily abuse to protect your paint
  • Extreme Slickness and Gloss
  • Product durability of 3+ years
  • Size: 15 ml

What you'll need:

  • Heavy Duty Soap 
  • Lint-free drying towel
  • Ceramic Coating (Included)
  • Application Pad (Included)
  • Damp microfiber towel

Installation Steps:

  1. Hand-wash the vehicle with a Heavy Duty Soap
  2. Dry thoroughly in a dust/dirt free environment with a quality lint-free towel
  3. Ensure the vehicle is cool to the touch
  4. Shake the ceramic product 
  5. Apply several drops to the Applicator Pad (always recap the bottle)
  6. Apply the product starting high and working down with side-side and up-down strokes
  7. Do one panel/section at a time looking to ensure even coverage
  8. On hard surfaces (paint, chrome, wraps, plastic) immediately wipe gently with the damp towel using the same stroke method
  9. On porous surfaces, damp toweling is NOT necessary
  10. Wait 3-5 minutes for initial curing, then buff with light pressure using a dry towel with same       stroke method
  11. Allow 40-60 minutes to dry, and add another ceramic layer if desired (optional) – do not wait longer than 60 minutes
  12. Allow to cure for 24 hours before driving. Avoid heavy washes for 48 hours.


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