80Eighty® Complete Leather Care Bundle

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80Eighty® Complete Leather Care Bundle
80Eighty® Complete Leather Care Bundle

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    Premium Leather Cleaner - 16oz

    • This Foaming Formula.
    • Use on Real, Faux and Synthetic Leather.
    • Replaces Dirt with Essential Leather Oils.
    • Can be used on Leather Shoes and Furniture.

    Do you miss the soft, clean and smooth feeling of new leather? Plus Soap Leather Cleaner is here! This dual action pH-Balanced formula penetrates leather, lifting dirt and grease with incredible foaming power, while leaving behind essential leather oils for the clean and soft feel you want. The fun doesn’t stop there. Clean leather dashboards, door panels, shoes and furniture with this versatile product. Use on authentic leather, faux leather and synthetic leather surfaces for an amazing no-residue clean..

    Premium Leather Conditioner - 16oz

    • Use on Real, Faux and Synthetic Leather.
    • Thick Conditioning Cream.
    • Packed with Essential Leather Oils.

    You just cleaned the body oil and dirt off your leather with Plus Soap Leather Cleaner and it looks fresh! But that’s not good enough. You want your leather to remain in pristine condition and protected from UV rays and future cracking. Say no more! Plus Soap Leather Conditioner is here! This easy to apply formula strengthens and revitalizes leather with special moisturizing and protection properties keeping your leather just the way you like it. Smooth and crack-free.


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