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Tuf Shine Detailing Spray

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Spray & Shine is the NEXT GENERATION of Quick Detailer products. It provides one of the slickest feeling finishes available and has been tested against most major brands. It is a anti-static protective coating that enhances the gloss and shine in just minutes. It will level out imperfections in the clear coat to give the paint SPARKLE. It cures and bonds to the surface providing a more durable finish.

How does it work? It works in two different ways to effectively clean the car’s finish and leave behind a high gloss, water-beading coating.

"The lubricating formula and other cleaning agents remove light dust, bug splatters, fingerprints, tar and bird droppings. These same lubricating agents then leave a smooth, glossy, protective film on the car."

May be used on paint, black plastic trim, chrome, and glass. Leaves no haze or residue.